About me

IMG_2413helloooo! I’m Anya!

I am a nineteen year old student who loves fashion, hair, people, and Jesus. I decided to start this blog kinda out of the blue. I have run a fashion blog previously and may end up picking that back up one day or merging the two- but for now I decided to make this whether one person or a thousand read it in hopes that as I share life and what the Lord is teaching me it may encourage you or make you laugh a little!

Just so you can know me a little better a few things I love or that you can find me doing:

  • you can always find me at a coffee shop or with coffee in my hand
  • I love a good hot bath
  • Always talking about Arbonne- the most AMAZING company that I am apart of!
  • With family, friends, or my sweet boyfriend
  • Doing hair (coming soon…)
  • Watching youtube or a good movie with someone!
  • my nails are ALWAYS done… just a weird thing about me haha I feel more put together when they’re done
  • I love to travel
  • Almost always shopping or have many tabs open on clothing websites with very full carts haha
  • Lover of Chick-fil-a and I eat it way too much
  • I love writing- hence the blog
  • Love deep heart to heart conversations- I could talk non stop!

Those are just a few things about me that I am passionate about! As I begin posting every so often I just want to be the first to say I DO NOT have everything all figured out or don’t always have it right but I will also be the first to say that I believe the Lord has wrecked my life in so many ways lately in a hard but great way and it has shaped me and grown me in ways I never thought possible so I hope you will join along in our brokenness!


I would LOVE it for you to follow me on one or both of my instagram accounts: @fizzedlife_withanya and @anya_parrish


Thats all for now thanks for reading this far!!


xx Anya

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